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1-in-1-out 4-20mA signal isolation conditioner
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1-in-1-out 4-20mA signal isolation conditioner
Isolation transmitter|Signal isolation transmitter
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Isolation transmitter
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                              1-in-1-out 4-20mA signal isolation conditioner

Jie Shengda Technology (JSD Technology) DIN35 1x1 OI 4-20mA-P series isolation transmitter is analog two-wire passive 4~20mA current isolation conditioner, the isolated conditioner adopts optical isolation technology,compared with the electromagnetic isolation has better Anti-jamming ability.the  isolation conditioners internal has current signal modulation and demodulation circuit、signal coupled isolation conversion circuit . Small input equivalent resistance make the isolation conditioner input voltage reaches wide range (7.5~32V), to meet the user does not need an external power supply and achieve signal long-distance  and lossless transmission requires. The isolation conditioner output is designed for 24VDC and sampling resistor (or load resistance) in series with the two-wire loop-powered, matching with the current popular analog input port board PC, PLC, DCS, PC or other instruments with analog input port .  internal ceramic substrate, printed resistor technology and new isolation technology make the device isolation voltage up to 3000VDC and industrial temperature range,  it is available to work in wet, harsh vibration environments to meet industrial environmental requirements.
Jie Shengda Technology DIN35 2x2 OI 4-20mA-P series isolation amplifier is international standards DIN 35mm rail mounting slot , user-friendly installation. Just by product technical data wiring can be realized two-wire analog passive 4-20mA signal isolation , transmission and conversion , and to achieve signal long-distance lossless  transmission .

passive isolation transmitter features :
◆ low cost, small size,meet  UL94-V0 flame retardant standard
◆ international standards DIN35mm rail mounting
◆  isolation 3000VDC between input , output and channels
◆ 4 ~ 20mA current input and output, high accuracy (distortion<0.2%)
◆ Industrial temperature range : -45~+85 ℃
◆ Accuracy class : 0.1 , 0.2 ;
◆ No external power supply , two-wire wiring output
◆ Wide range  input voltage (7.5~32VDC)

isolator applications:
◆ isolated analog signal data acquisition
◆ industrial field signal isolation
◆ long- distance transmission without distortion
◆ Analog signal ground interference suppression
◆ 4~20mA isolated signal transmission
◆ overcome EMC electromagnetic  interference in the field devices
◆ instrumentation and sensor signal transceiver
◆ power monitoring , medical equipment isolation barrier

data download:

selection example:
Example 1 : signal input 1:4~20mA; signal output 1:4~20mA; two -wire distribution loop output : P  model NO: DIN35 1x1 OI 4-20mA-P

Application wiring diagram:


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