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1-in-1-out 4-20mA signals isolation distributor
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1-in-1-out 4-20mA signals isolation distributor
Isolation transmitter|Signal isolation transmitter
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Isolation transmitter
   Product Description

                         1-in-1-out 4-20mA signals isolation distributor

      Jie Shengda Technology DIN35 1x1 MI 4~20mA-F series isolation transmitter is a two-wire current loop power isolated module, it adopts magnatic isolation technology to achieve signal isolation, And through the output port supply power to the inputting two-wire devices , effective solution to the current signal isolation depends on the power supply to achieve the 4 ~ 20mA standard signal isolation and transmission,  can match with a variety of instrumentation analog input interface (PLC, DCS systems, etc.) ; analog signal input with overcurrent protection, can effectively protect the module and post-stage circuit; Besides, the input and output ends of the module can reach 3KVDC isolation voltage.
     Jie Shengda Technology DIN35 1x1 MI 4~20mA-F series isolation transmitter adopt international standards DIN 35mm rail mounting , user-friendly installation. Just by product technical data wiring can be realized two-wire analog passive 4-20mA signal isolation, transmission and distribution conversion function , and to achieve signal long-term lossless transmission.

data download:

isolator Features :
◆Small size, low cost, international standards DIN35mm rail mounting with UL94-V0 flame retardant standard
◆ 3000VDC isolation voltage between signal input and signal output
◆without external power supply, no external components
◆ 4 ~ 20mA current input and output
◆ Industrial temperature range: -45 ~ +85 ℃
◆ Accuracy class: 0.3, 0.4,0.5
◆ High linearity :0.1%F.S
◆ Provide power to the sensor (7.5 ~ 32VDC)

◆ analog signal data isolation, acquisition
◆ industrial field signal isolation
◆ remote long-distance transmission without distortion
◆ analog signal ground interference suppression
◆ 4 ~ 20mA isolated signal transmission
◆power supply to the two-wire equipment
◆ Instrumentation and sensor signal transceiver
◆ power monitoring, medical equipment isolation barrier

selection example:

Example: signal input 4-20mA ,signal output 4-20mA   two-wire distribution output: F model NO: DIN35 1x1 MI 4-20mA-F

Wiring Application diagram :

isolation distributor
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